What accounts & tech you should set up for your website

Your website should help make your life easier, your business run smoother, and save you time.

But the secret is knowing what software, tech and tools to use to achieve that.

So grab a glass of wine and open your password logbook (because “strong” passwords are way too hard to remember). You’re about to sign up to a few new services that will help your business grow.

Here’s the tea on all the tech you should use to set up your website and turn it into a business-elevating, time saving tool.  

Domain & Hosting

Every website needs both a domain name and web hosting. Your domain name is your URL (ie. www.jordanne.co) that people type into a browser. This will then direct them to your website which lives on a website host’s server. If you’re using WordPress, you get to choose your host. If you use an all-in-one platform like Squarespace, hosting is part of your monthly plan.

For my domain registrar and host recommendations, read this blog.

Email Marketing Platforms

98% of website visitors are not ready to buy the first time they land on your website – so what’s the easiest and most effective way to keep them interested and within your realm until they are ready? Email.

Your website should have a way to collect email addresses so you can continue to provide value and position yourself as an authority via regular emails.

And the best way to get people to hand over their email addresses? Providing them with valuable information in a freebie/lead magnet in exchange for their contact details.

Email Marketing Platform Recommendations

If you’re ready to use email automation to save time in your biz, or you’re ready to take your email list seriously, and are willing to pay a (small) monthly fee for a good platform, I recommend Flodesk. It’s easy to use, super easy to set up automated workflows, and has such beautiful email templates. It’s also one low price each month, no matter how many subscribers you get, or how many emails you send.

For 50% off your first year of Flodesk (that’s just $19/month) click here.

Not yet ready to use the power of email automation? I still recommend having a place on your website where people can sign up. You can begin emailing when you’re ready – and in the meantime, you can start gathering a list of interested people 🙌

If this is where you sit – I recommend using the free plan of Mailerlite

Booking and Appointment and Call Scheduling

Want customers and clients to be able to book a call or make a booking at the click of a button? Eliminate the time spent going back-and-forth finding a time that works by setting up a scheduling tool.

Calendly is the booking tool I use in my business that saves me SO.MUCH.TIME. when it comes to scheduling calls, and I even use it for VIP Day bookings so clients can choose their date and pay the deposit right then on the spot. No back and forths trying to find a time that suits both of us. Send them the link and they can book in a time that suits them from your availabilities.

Tip: I even include the link in my email signature so if someone feels a call would be easier, they can just hop on and book in a call without a bunch of emails to arrange it.

Calendly has a free option for just one appointment type (ie. Book a 15 minute discovery call). To have more than one booking type, you’ll need to upgrade to the (very affordable) paid plan (which is 100% worth it in my opinion).

More advanced booking option:

If you need more advanced options like multiple appointment options, multiple team members, event tickets, workshop tickets, SMS reminders and more, then the Amelia plugin is the way to go! It’s easy to set up and use and has loads of functionality.

Check out Amelia

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business

Want your business to be found on Google? Of course you do. Want to be able to use the data from your website visitors to optimise your website and improve performance? I see your eyes glaze over – but trust me, you do.

When you launch a website, you’ll want to (or you’ll want your web dev to) set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business.

You’ll need a Gmail Address or Google Workspace email in order to set up these accounts. If you don’t already have a Google email account, it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Tip: You may wish to set up a generic business Gmail, as myself or another web designer, or other members of your team, will require access to this account in order to access these platforms.

There you have it, all the tech you should set up before working with a web designer, or DIY-ing your website. Something you’re not sure about? Feel free to reach out and I’ll happily answer any of your questions!

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