Saying goodbye to Flothemes templates – what next?

It’s official, Flothemes, known for its wedding photography website themes, has closed up shop. And if you’re reading this, it’s likely you already know and I’m telling you old news.

Chances are, you’re here because you’re a proud (and now stranded) user of a Flothemes template. The brand’s stunning website themes have helped you create the eye-catching website you have today. But after hearing the news that Flothemes is no more, you’re feeling a little lost. You’re not ready to say goodbye to Flothemes until you understand what it means for you.

That’s what this blog is for. To help you move beyond the headline info on the Flothemes closure, get to know more of the juicy details and figure out a way forward for your brand’s website.

What’s next for Flothemes?

Flothemes closed its store on 20 September 2023, and will no longer be supported altogether from September 2024. This means Flothemes templates are no longer available to use when creating websites. The news was probably a hard pill to swallow for wedding professionals and photographers. Flothemes was known for designing website templates that showcase wedding photography in its best light.

Though it might seem like the end, Flothemes has assured its customers their existing websites won’t be impacted. But there are a few important things you need to know.

What does this mean for me as a user of Flothemes templates?

According to Flothemes, if you currently use a Flothemes template (built on WordPress), you can continue to run and edit your website.

The catch? If you update your WordPress theme, your website could break. And if you don’t, it’ll become out-of-date and buggy. That could hurt the user experience for your website visitors. No one wants that.

Are there alternative Wedding Photography/Wedding Professionals WordPress Website Templates?

If you’d like to stick with a code-free WordPress theme, and want a high-end website template that is specifically designed for wedding professionals and photographers, I have just the thing for you.

My Valentine Website Template is upscale, ethereal and perfectly suited for photographers and wedding professionals with luxury layouts, loads of opportunities to showcase your work through images.

She’s available for DIY-ers and comes with a course to help you become your own Copywriter and Web Designer (so you can save thousands, but make even more…). And built with Elementor, 100% code-free of course.

Not here for DIY? No problem, I’ll handle it for you in a semi-custom, Website in a Week service, if you’re looking for a fast, affordable and stress free way to get a stunning, high-converting website live, quick smart.

What are all my options for moving away from Flothemes?

#1 Website templates

If DIY is your thing and you prefer to have full control of your website. Not a coder? That’s okay. My templates use Elementor, a code-free page builder for WordPress with flexibility. You also get simple, proven, step-by-step resources to help you write compelling copy and take your users on a strategic journey from browser to buyer. My Valentine Template is specially designed for wedding photographers and professionals with an upscale, ethereal vibe.


#2 Website-in-a-week

This option gives you a high-end, high-converting website in a week. It’s a semi-custom template-based website to attract and convert your dream clients. All done in one week! It’s the quickest and easiest option to transfer from your Flothemes template with minimal downtime. [OO1] And with no sacrifice to quality – you get a beautiful, high-end website that sells your services for you, without the stress.


#3 Custom website

You can opt for a custom website if you’re ready to elevate your credibility and conversions to confidently walk into your next season of business. This is an opportunity to step up your website game and wow your clients. We can stick with WordPress, or look at Squarespace or Showit, or if you’re not sure, book a call and let’s chat about it.


Want a beautiful WordPress website theme to call your own? Find the best option for you. Plus, to sweeten the deal, I’m offering a $200 discount off my website template or the website-in-a-week for Flotheme users (use code: FLOTHEMES).

How can I transfer my website from a Flothemes template?

If you choose to move away from your Flothemes website theme, here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Decide on a platform (unless you’re sticking with WordPress and using my website templates).
  2. Prepare your content (images, copy etc). No need to worry about this if you buy any of my website templates or website-in-a-week as all the resources are included!
  3. Create a staging site through your hosting platform. This allows you to redesign your website and then just hit publish when it’s ready to go live and replace your current site.
  4. Follow the step-by-step tutorials for importing the template and customising the template page by page.
  5. Review your website on all devices and test all links and buttons to make sure they’re working properly (404 errors won’t do you any favours).
  6. It’s then time to launch! If you buy one of my website templates, you can simply follow the checklist and tutorials for pre-launch, launch and post-launch.
  7. The final step – work with dream clients! Your website will do the heavy lifting in attracting better clients who see the value in what you do.

When you buy one of my website templates, you get access to the exact process I use to build $10k websites. At a fraction of the price.

Ready to take your website to a new level? Work with me to give your brand the website it deserves. Feeling unsure? Book a call and let’s chat it through.

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