How to name your new business

Choosing a name for your business can feel so overwhelming. This word, or group of words is what your whole brand is based around. It needs to represent you and appeal to your target audience. Let’s go through the process of finding the right business name for you.

(Jump to the bottom of this page to download the Free Name your Business worksheets to help you with your brainstorming session, and a few extra things to consider, like the pros and cons of having a personal brand.)

1. The Brainstorming Session

First thing, we write down a whole bunch of words that we associate with ourselves, our work, our business and our industry. You want to think about;

  • How you want your target audience to feel
  • What you want to communicate
  • Your brand personality
  • Words associated with your product, service or industry
  • Words that relate to you. Your interests, location, hobbies etc.
  • Words that convey what you do
  • Words that relate to what you’ve written down in a creative way (use for ideas!)

Now make a list of a few of the top business names you like the sound of. For your favourites, go through this checklist to get an idea of whether it’s going to be the right name for your business.

2. The Checklist

  1. Is it too simple? Don’t overcomplicate things, you want it to be easily remembered
  2. Is it too similar to competitor names?
  3. Is it too similar to any other businesses out there? (Give it the Google test)
  4. Does it align with your short-term goals?
  5. Does it align with your long-term goals?
  6. Would it appeal to your target audience?
  7. Does it accurately reflect how you want your target audience to feel?
  8. Is it meaningful to you?
  9. Google the meaning and make sure there are no associations to the words that could come back to haunt you!

3. Think you’ve found the one? Time to check if it’s available!

Is the name available (Aus)? Check here
Is the trademark available (worldwide)? Check here
Is the web domain available (worldwide)?  Check here
Are the social media accounts available (worldwide)? Check relevant platforms

4. Give it time

Let it sit with you for as long as possible. Use the above cues to continue to think of more ideas. Any time you think of a potential name you like, write it down in your phone and come back to this checklist.

Ask people you trust, survey friends, family and anyone that fits your target audience.

5. Register it!

Have you given it time and you’re still excited about it? Then, register it!

Register the name (Aus): Click here (Cost $36 for 1 year, $85 for 3 years)
Register the trademark (Aus): Click here
Register the web domain (worldwide):  Click here
Register the social media accounts: On relevant platforms

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