Got 20 mins? 3 quick updates to refresh your website today.

If giving your website some TLC is on your to-do list in 2022 (or even if it wasn’t, until right now), I’m going to give you 3 quick updates you can make in 20 minutes to give your website new life.

Look at you already kicking goals in 2022!

Replace some old images

94% of information is communicated visually. That means your images and website design are communicating A LOT about you and your brand to your website visitors.

If your images aren’t cohesive with your brand and aren’t connecting with your dream clients, or if it’s been a while since you updated them – it’s time to swap them out with some fresh ones for the new year.

And, I’ve got just the thing to help you do it. I’ve curated a number of collections of beautiful, FREE stock images that you can browse to find the perfect images for you website. Collections include; Workspaces and Decor, Food and Drink, People, Photography, Design and Creative and more.
Find them here:
Pexels Collections
Unsplash Collections

If it’s within budget, now is also a great time to go and book a brand photoshoot. Professional photos of you on your website are the BEST way to build connection and trust with you. New year, new brand photoshoot!

Note: Make sure you use something like tinypng to compress them before you upload them to your website! Big images = slow website = not happy browsers.

Action List (10 mins):

  1. Browse my curated collections or your own brand images
  2. Download and compress the images (use a tool like
  3. Replace a few images throughout your website

Update your headings

8/10 website visitors read headings, and only 2/10 read body copy. That means your headings need to tell the whole story – What you do, what makes you different, how it helps me reach my goals – otherwise 8/10 people will have no idea (and likely not end up booking you).

So if you’re wasting good real estate on headings like “Services” and “About Me” – go over to your website right now, and swap them out for something engaging and benefit driven, like “How I help you make sales through socials” or “I’m a social media manager obsessed with helping women grow their businesses through social media”.

Action list (10 mins):

  1. Open your Home, About and Services pages (Probably the 3 most visited pages on your site)
  2. Read ONLY your headings and sub-headings
  3. If (with no prior knowledge) you wouldn’t know what you did, who you did it for, and how it helps them achieve a goal or overcome a pain point – then go and update your headings!
  4. Just spend 10 minutes on this today and then schedule some time to come back and finesse.

*Imperfect action is better than no action – and a less than perfect headline talking to the desire of your dream clients is still going to do a better job than “Services”

Raise your prices

Tell me, when was the last time you raised your prices?

Even if it was six months ago, how many projects have you completed since then? While doing those projects, did you learn anything new? Upskill? Improve your process and customer experience? Have you added any new inclusions to your service?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, good news! Your service is now worth more!

Go on, right now, I want you to increase your prices. Feeling nervous? Start with 10%. Know you’ve been undercharging? Go on – make it 50%! Just do it. This is your permission slip. Trust me, you’re worth it.

Action list (5 mins):

  1. Consider the VALUE (not time) you are providing your clients and all the ways you have improved over your last few projects
  2. Decide how much you are going to raise your prices by
  3. Change your prices on your website services page
  4. Get in touch with any ongoing clients, either let them know your new pricing, or make a deal with them if you think their loyalty should be met half way.
  5. Then remember, with every few projects you do, you are likely developing your skills and processes, and you should be compensated appropriately for your growth and the added value you are providing to your clients.

Hooray, look at your beautiful fresh website!

There you go! Some new life in your website that’s going to flow into your business. If you spend 20-30 minutes doing small tasks like these, you’ll keep google happy and you’ll keep a fresh, up-to-date and relevant website that visitors will love!

Want some feedback? Get in touch! I’d love to check it and tell you my thoughts! Email me at 🙂

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