What is a High-converting Website, REALLY?

“High-converting website” – it sounds like marketing jargon (spoken by a marketer 💁🏻‍♀️) but the truth is, it’s something that absolutely has the power to transform your business.

Sure, it’s thrown around a lot and there will be web designers/developers who just whack up a pretty (sometimes not so pretty) website with zero strategy and charge you a pretty penny for the pleasure.

But a true conversion-focused web designer will put a lot more work into the strategy to ensure that your website is actually going to connect with and convert your dream clients. How?

There are certain design and content principals that are proven to increase conversions. These ensure users have a good experience and stay on your website longer, that they have all their questions answered by the right content in the right order, and that you are positioned as an authority so they can feel confident you can help them and feel ready to book your services. 

It might take some more time, work or investment up-front – but a conversion-focused website that connects with your dream clients and sells your services for you is the easiest way to grow your business. 

If all you need to do is send traffic to your website and you can be confident leads will come through, your life and running a business gets so much easier. 

This is how I’ve been able to grow my business – while having kids at home through a pandemic, when I had a newborn (who didn’t sleep for a year) and while I’ve had other priorities than constantly marketing and selling. Being able to put the small amount of time I’ve had into just sending some leads to my website, where I’m confident it demonstrates my ability to help them and the results I can get for them – and then waiting for that lovely little ‘ping’ in my inbox with an enquiry from people I’m actually excited to work with – it’s the absolute dream. So…

Let’s breakdown 8 components of a ‘high-converting website’ (and look at the facts) so you can improve your website conversions:

Website Design, Layout and Structure:

1. Using Expected Design Principals

75% of judgements on a company’s credibility are based on it’s website design – Stanford

There are certain design principals proven to ensure a good user-experience which keeps visitors on a website longer. This includes everything from user expected design elements like the menu and navigation structure, to the fonts and colours used, to designing for the way people read and consume website content and more. When your website is confusing, users are going to click straight out of it, but when it’s an intentionally curated experience, people stay longer.

2. A well designed and engaging website

97% of consumers say a company’s website “directly impacts” whether or not they convert – Rain Today Study

Ensuring the design is engaging to look at while making the content easy to consume is key to a good website experience and improved conversions. This can be achieved through having a clear font hierarchy structure, breaking content up into smaller sections, the use of white space paired with imagery that connects. Plus a well-considered journey to lead the user through all the content and information they need to make a buying decision, without feeling overwhelmed or wondering where they’re looking or clicking next.

3. Website Speed Optimisation

A site that loads in 1 second has a conversion rate 3x higher than a site that loads in 5 seconds. – Portent.com

There are a few things you can do to ensure your website loads fast enough to keep your customers happy and on your site. From ensuring your images aren’t too big and are optimised, to not using too many bloated plugins, using a good caching plugin, and using a good quality web host. 

4. Mobile/Responsive Design

61% of users will never return to a website that is not mobile-friendly

That means your website better look damn good and work just as well on mobile devices!!

Messaging and Copywriting Structure

5. Having a clear core message that is going to connect with/convert your target audience, and make you stand out from your competitors

Following the proven structure and framework of content required on a website to ensure all buyer-types get all the information they need to make a purchasing decision and feel comfortable that you are the right person to help them. (Everything from showing understanding of their pain/problems, to social proof and testimonials, to the way you present your solution and overcome objections.) Plus so much more!

6. Using a proven content framework

Following the proven structure and framework of content required on a website to ensure all buyer-types get all the information they need to make a purchasing decision and feel comfortable that you are the right person to help them. (Everything from showing understanding of their pain/problems, to social proof and testimonials, to the way you present your solution and overcome objections.) Plus so much more! 

7. Making sure you have killer headings that tell the whole story

8/10 people read headings, while only 2/10 people read body copy

Do take a look at your website… if someone was to only read the headings on your website, would they get a good picture of how you can help them? Your headings should be jam packed with useful and strategic information that make you demonstrate your ability to help your ideal clients. And then for those that are really serious, crossing their i’s and dotting their t’s before they reach out – your body copy needs to be ready to back it up.

8. A curated customer journey

Create a curated user experience that intentionally leads them through your website and all the relevant content they need to see in order to get to know/like/trust you and feel confident that YOU are the right choice for them. What’s the main way you lead people? CTA’s (Call to Actions). Those are eye-catching buttons which tell the user exactly where they’re headed next.

70% of small business websites lack a CTA on their homepage – Smallbiztrends

If you’re in that 70% – head to your website now and add some strategic CTA’s!

Ready to create your own high-converting website?

While this list is only skimming the surface of what a strategy-led and conversion focused web designer/copywriter will take into account when building your website, it’s definitely enough for you to take a few points and begin implementing them on your own website and see real results.

A strategic and well designed website is the easiest way to connect with and convert your dream clients. If set up properly, all you need to do is drive traffic to it, and let it do the selling for you.

This is why I love being a web designer. Because I know the impact that I can have on someone’s business, helping them not only grow and make more money, but be able to do what they love and work with the people that bring them joy. 

Sound like something you need? 

I’d love to chat about how we can improve your website and grow your business. Find the right service solution for your needs or reach out and let’s chat about what we can do to start landing your dream clients.

Still in the DIY-ing everything stage of business?

We’ve all been there, and that’s exactly why I created my high-converting website templates for service-based businesses. Because being on a budget shouldn’t mean this is out of reach – you can achieve ALLLLL this with my Website Templates and Copywriting Guides. 👆 Check the website templates out here.

Have a website that *kinda* works but could convert better?

Let me spend one day, 8 whole hours up-leveling your design and implementing this kind of strategy on your site! Check out VIP Development Days (one day web design intensives) here.

Ready to give your business the custom site it deserves?

Ready to invest in a full custom website that’s designed to represent you and going to help you grow your business and work with your dream clients? Check out my Custom Web Design packages here.

I’d love to hear from you if this was helpful or how you’re going to implement this on your own website! Head over to the contact page and let me know ☺️

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