How to write a website homepage headline (3 steps)

You’ve got about 7 seconds to hook a website visitor and entice them to keep scrolling. You can pour your heart (and money) into your website and copy, but if your homepage headline doesn’t convince tour target audience that they’re in the right place and that you can help them, they’ll never scroll on to see the rest of your site (or book your services…)

So let’s quickly fix your website headline now. 

Your headline should be made up of these 3 parts:

1. What you do – this seems obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people opt for a cute headline like “helping you transform your business” or “let’s make your special day perfect!” And expect us to know they’re a social media manager or a wedding photographer… 
Examples: a) Website design, b) social media manager

2. Who you do it for – You’ve heard everyone and their mother say you need to niche/have a target audience (and now that you’ve completed the Brand Bible Workbook you’ve got yours nailed down anyway) so it’s time to call them out so there is NO mistaking that they’re in the right place and you can help them
Examples: a) Service-providers, b) interior designers

3. How it makes their life better – this can either be frames as what pain point you help them overcome, or by the benefit/what their life looks like once you’ve solved their pain point (what they’re aspiring to).
Examples: a) who want to book out and have a bigger impact, b) tired of feeling lost on Instagram

Put it together: 
a) Website design for service-providers who want to book out and have a bigger impact
b) Social Media Manager for interior designers who are tired of feeling lost on instagram 

And that is a headline that is going to have your ideal client scrolling on to find out more about how you help them…

So go on, take 2 minutes and go update it on your website right now! I’ll wait…

Okay, done?

Well your headline is just the beginning (literally)… want to know how to write an entire high-converting homepage? Grab the free download that will take you step-by-step through writing the sections needed your homepage to lead potential clients through a journey getting them ready to book you or buy from you.

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