A cautionary tale: Set your domain to auto-renew today!

So, a couple of months ago, I was scrolling on instagram and came across a new post from my husband’s old band account… 

News to me – the post was announcing that the band were reuniting. 

This might seem exciting – except that since they split 4 years ago, half the band have moved away, some of us now have kids and we haven’t seen or spoken to one member in 3 years. 

So how did this happen and what has this got to do with YOUR business? 

Well, it turns out that they did NOT have their domain set to auto-renew and no-one picked up on it. So their domain expired and some clever little internet gremlin snatched it up. 

What does it mean when this happens?

The new domain owner now had access to all their emails and accounts that were connected to those emails, including Spotify, Bank Accounts, Tunecore, Twitter and Instagram. Anything you can click “forgot password” on, was theirs for the taking.  

The verified blue-tick Instagram account sold on the Instagram black market (apparently that’s a thing) and the lovely new owner decided it would be fun to announce a reunion… 

What’s the moral of this story? TURN ON AUTO-RENEW ON YOUR DOMAIN. 

Go – right now and check if it’s on! Or you too could be paying wayyyy too much, to buy back your own website and access all your accounts. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

(If you need help, reach out – just make sure it gets done!)

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