Business Chats & Long Blacks: Christine Corcoran

What do you think when you hear Business or Money Mindset? I used to think it was something a bit too “woo” for me, and didn’t take it too seriously.

But the longer I’m in business, the more I see how important and REAL mindset is. It impacts how (or IF) I put myself out there, how much I believe I can charge for my services, and the magical numbers I pull out of thin air that I tell myself equal “success”.

That’s all Mindset. And I think most of us start our businesses with pretty rubbish mindsets that see us burn ourselves out before we realise we need to change something.

And that’s why I’ve asked the wonderful Christine Corcoran a Business Mindset Coach to be this months interviewee for Business Chats & Long Blacks! So, without further ado, here’s Christine’s interview…

1. Tell me, who are you, what’s your business, and what do you do?

I’m a Business Mindset Master Coach, Speaker, Podcast host and Creator of ELEVATED: Transform your worth, money & business Program.

I help stressed, overwhelmed and overworked women in business to own their worth, stop sabotaging their success and step up into their CEO leadership to skyrocket their business results. I am a Qualified Practitioner in Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies and an MBraining Practitioner with an extensive study of Human Behavioural Profiling, Hypnotherapy and Leadership Coaching. I specialise in doing the deep subconscious work in releasing limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours to up level your results in business, money and success..  I also host The Next Level Life Podcast which is my bi-weekly drop of motivation and inspiration where I shares the mindset tools you need to take your business to the next level.

2. Why did you start your business?

I started my business because I felt the missing piece to women succeeding in business was their mindset. I was previously working in corporate as a successful business development and sales manager helping women in business with the strategy side of things and found that some business owners would take the strategy and implement it and have success and other business owners would take the same strategy and do nothing. I found this extremely frustrating because I was giving them the solution to their business problems but there was something else stopping them. At the time, I didn’t know what that was, so I decided to study human behaviour to understand how to communicate with them effectively and how to motivate them, and that’s where I discovered Leadership coaching and mindset work. I then started exploring Neuroscience, and other coaching modalities and I become obsessed with the human brain. I started to implement what I was learning with the business owners I was working with and saw amazing results and from there decided that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to help women uncover what was holding them back, help them move through the fears and mindset blocks that were keeping them stuck and help them succeed. The moment a client had an ah-ha moment their eyes would light up and I could see something had shifted and they had the confidence to follow through on their goal again. It was like magic and still is.

3. What thing has had the most positive impact on growth in business?

In my second year in business, I started exploring money mindset and this changed the game for me. Obviously, to be successful in business you need to be able to make money, and I hadn’t realised how many mindset blocks I had around money. I started to change my relationship with money which then impacted my sales, my growth and how I now operate in business. No longer did I believe I had to work hard for money and instead of burning myself out, I changed how I use energy and money in business. So much so that I’ve made it an integral part of what I work on with my clients. I also created a program around it as well – ELEVATED.

4. What has changed since you first started your business?

So much. Business expands you on every level and I’m so passionate about doing the inner work otherwise I’m preaching what I don’t practice. And the more we’re willing to look within for the answers, more expansion happens. I feel like the biggest thing that’s changed since I first started, is how much I trust myself now. I no longer get bothered by other people sharing their opinion or giving my business advice. I feel like I trust my own knowing and can discern what is for me and what isn’t. I no longer get caught up in comparison because I value what I bring to the table and trust in my own path to know what’s right for me. I think earlier in business I was so worried I wasn’t doing it right, that I would listen too much to other peoples unsolicited advice.

5. What’s been the best investment you’ve made in your business and why?

Joining a mastermind. Business can sometimes be lonely and surrounding yourself with other inspiring people who are like-minded makes all the difference. I love the experience of masterminds and have been a part of one for the past few years and then this year I launched my own and it’s been the best experience.

6. Have you had any big “fails”? What were they and what did you learn?

Oh yes, haven’t we all! I’ve had launches fail and events flop, I’ve had things go wrong on retreat (chef getting covid the day before). I think the biggest lesson has always been to trust my intuition. Every time I ignored that internal nudge that something wasn’t right, and I went against it, I paid the price. Now I take the time to tune into what my intuition is trying to tell me and be mindful to go within to find the answers. Plus learning to reframe failure as well. I don’t believe there is such a thing. We try so many things in business and there are always so many more to try, so we don’t fail, we just learn what works and what doesn’t.

7. What’s the best advice you’ve received in your business?

Your network is your net worth. Who you surround yourself with matters. This I take seriously. Be mindful who you allow into your circle and who you give your energy do. So often we spend too much time in circles that don’t serve us and give too much of our energy to those who don’t appreciate it. When you’re surrounded by those who are achieving big things you’d like to achieve, you’re more motivated to keep going and it helps to expand your mind with what’s possible. Not only that, you become who you surround yourself with. Subconsciously we want to feel like we belong so if we’re surrounded by people with a lack mindset or people who play small, we’ll subconsciously sabotage ourselves to be like them so we belong.

8. What’s something you wish you’d done sooner?

Outsourced. I spent too much time trying to do everything myself. And I feel I still waste time doing things that are not in my zone of genius. It can be hard to outsource, but when you find the right people to be on your team and support you, it can free up so much time and allow you to really shine in your genius.

9. Anything exciting coming up?

I have a retreat in October – Thrive Retreat which is a transformational weekend and I always walk away from these weekends so inspired and with such a full heart that I get so excited every time I think about it. I feel every time I run a new retreat I learn something new about myself and I fall more and more in love with the work I do.

There a couple of spots left – click here for more details –

And I’m also working on my first book which I’m super excited about.

10. What advice would you give someone starting out or growing their business?

Don’t neglect your mindset. It can sometimes seem like a ‘one day’ project, but what seems to happen is that things must get so bad in your business before you work on your mindset. But business is the biggest personal development journey ever and you’re going to need a rock-solid mindset to support you. So don’t’ wait. Start now. Even if it’s just listening to a mindset podcast (like mine) regularly, it can shift how you think and feel so you can stay on the right track.

11. Who is your favourite Disney character?

I would say either Ariel or Jasmine from Alladin. Both strong female characters go against tradition and what’s expected of them to explore the big world and that takes courage and tenacity. Which I admire.

12. Where can we find and follow you? (website/socials)

I hang out most on Instagram, always up for a chat in the DM’s or sharing memes. Lol.





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