5 easy things to make your website conversions better

Let’s get your website working harder

Is your website not working as well as it should be? Are you getting traffic but none of it seems to convert? It’s a common scenario, and there’s a few simple things that we can do to start increasing your website conversions today.


Have a clear home page heading

When visitors land on your site, you have 7 seconds to hook them or they’re gone. How do you get them to scroll on and not click the enticing X and jump right outta there? You let them know they’re in the right place and YOU are the solution to their problems. How?

Above the fold (before you scroll on your homepage) you have a clear heading that tells them 1. What you do/sell (I build beautiful high-converting websites) 2. Who you do it for (for service-providers), and 3. How it makes their life better (helps you get more clients and grow).
So my headline reads: “Beautiful, high-converting websites for service providers that are ready to grow.”

CTA’s (Call to Actions)

The thing about humans is, we rarely do anything unless we’re told to. So even if someone is on your website and is getting excited to work with you, if you don’t tell them what to do (book a call, get in touch, buy now) – they simply won’t!
There are two types of CTA’s – transitional and direct.
You want direct CTA’s (book now, get in touch, buy now) spread throughout your site, so when they’re ready – they know what to do.
But you also want Transitional CTA’s (Directing them where to go next – View Services, More About Me, See Portfolio etc) to lead them on a journey through your website to help them get to know, like and trust you, until they’re ready to hit that Direct CTA button.
*BONUS TIP* NO DEAD ENDS. What does that mean? At the end of every page, ensure you have a Transitional CTA + a Direct CTA. If they get to the end of the page with no more to scroll and aren’t sure where to go next, they’ll go straight to the X. Keep them on your site by always leading them to the next step. 

A freebie

While there will be those keen beans who see your site and click Book Now immediately, the sad fact is, 97% of people aren’t ready to buy the first time they land on your website. So how do we not waste all the traffic you’re driving to your website? You give them someone of value for free in exchange for their email address. A freebie, if you will. What’s a freebie? THIS. You entered your email address, to download this killer list that is going to help you get better conversions from your website. I now have your email address, and am going to provide you with so much goodness that you’ll want to head back to my site, read some more useful blogs, and one day if one of my services is exactly what you need – I’ll be here ready to serve you! 

Make it about your clients

You know this business you’ve worked so hard to start and build up? All the time and effort you’ve put in? Well, no-one cares. (Kidding! Sort of..)
When visitors land on your site, they aren’t all that interested in you. They’re interested in themselves and how you can help THEM. Everything on your website should framed in a way so it’s about your clients; their struggles, their needs and goals, and the transformation you can provide them. The services YOU provide are about the transformation they give THEM. Even your “About” page is about the journey you’ve gone through or the experience you’ve had that has equipped you to help THEM. 

Use expected website design standards

With website builders out there that can do absolutely anything design-wise, it’s tempting to get caught up in the possibilities of all the cool things you could do on your website that would totally impress your website visitors. But in reality, you’re better off using standard practice of web design. Why? We have become accustom to certain website functions; menu navigation at the very top (and right), clear and colourful buttons that tell us what to do next, reading down the page with our eyes scanning in a Z or F pattern. When things on a website are not where we think they should be, when they are confusing or too hard to find – we are more likely to jump straight off that website (no sales here!). So use common practice web design. Make sure your website is well-designed, well thought-out and include these and other types of strategic considerations.  Then show your personality through other cool design elements, colours and images.

There you have it! 5 simple things you can do to start increasing your website conversions today. Don’t overwhelm yourself, start with one or two and then slowly work your way through the list. 

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